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Editorial by Corinne Blanquart, Vice President Transformative Projects and Societal Mission


We are very happy to see you in a few days for this 5th edition of FUTURE Days, organised by Université Gustave Eiffel in partnership with the École des Ponts ParisTech. This year's theme is dedicated to the decarbonation of cities and territories.

The scientific community is heavily involved in the major challenges and agendas of sustainable development, especially with regard to cities. These challenges therefore call for the production of innovative, even groundbreaking, knowledge, backed by a vision of current and future urban transformations, transformations underway and to come. The scientific community, institutional actors and socio-economic actors must share this desire to bring about a paradigm shift in the way urban challenges are thought of and resolved. 

It is in this context of debate and exchange that the FUTURE Days will bring together more than 150 speakers this year, including some sixty economic and institutional players, with the ambition of decompartmentalising both the professional communities and the debates, which are often still sector-based.
This is why, with all the event's partners, we have come up with a variety of formats combining conferences and sessions, some of which have been developed in collaboration with the French Transport Infrastructure Financing Agency (AFIT France). 

As key players of tomorrow, the students of the campus and those of the partner universities in Europe of the PIONEER Alliance were also involved in the event by participating in a European Hackathon. The projects resulting from these discussions will be presented by the students themselves on the second day.

Transport, mobility, housing, construction, planning, resource management and associated services (waste, water, energy), culture, architecture, education, economic development and social development will all be addressed during these two days. The dialogue that will take place will thus contribute to the reflections that we are conducting within the partner institutions of the I-SITE FUTURE, on the new skills to be developed in the future.

Finally, after the unprecedented year that we have all been through, we are happy to be able to organise more convivial moments: we are therefore expecting many of you to attend the inauguration of the Parcelle Y, a development project in the heart of the Marne-la-Vallée campus, then the evening of 30 November, as well as the theatrical performance on 1st December.

See you soon for exchange, share and cross-check our points of view and our experiences, thus contributing to solving the many challenges that await cities and territories.”

Corinne Blanquart, 
Vice President Transformative Projects and Societal Mission, 
Université Gustave Eiffel

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